Blueliv named ‘Threat Intelligence Company of the Year’ in Cybersecurity Breakthrough Awards 2018

We’re delighted to announced that today we have been named ‘Threat Intelligence Company of the Year 2018’ in the Cybersecurity Breakthrough Awards.

Our innovations in cyber-risk management and the promotion of new collaborative models saw us win recognition from an independent panel of experts within the information security industry.

“As a young company Blueliv is ‘breaking through’ the threat intelligence field quickly and making waves in the overall cybersecurity industry as well,” said James Johnson, Managing Director, CyberSecurity Breakthrough. “The Company gained significant momentum in 2018 and we are thrilled to be able to recognize them as a marquee winner of the CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards program as our Threat Intelligence Company of the Year.”

“Blueliv is honored to have been recognized as Threat Intelligence Company of the Year,” said Daniel Solís, CEO and founder, Blueliv. “We help organizations protect themselves from the outside in, providing them with fresh, actionable intelligence to reduce their cyber-risk and accelerate decision-making processes. At the heart of our business is a drive towards new collaborative models in cybersecurity, with the goal of socializing the industry. We are delighted that our approach, embodied by our cost-effective solutions and initiatives like the Threat Exchange Network, has been acknowledged today.”

We believe that the fight against cybercrime is a collaborative effort, and work together with customers and partners to configure modular threat intelligence solutions adapted to their needs, all backed up by our world-class analyst team. We deliver threat intelligence and practical guidance to help security teams of all sizes access relevant information, implement its value and improve their security posture.

Socializing cybersecurity means encouraging parity and fighting cybercrime collaboratively. This approach has boosted Blueliv’s Strategic Partnership Program, used by VARs and MSSPs around the world, and the Threat Exchange Network, a growing, free community of cybersecurity professionals, academics and law enforcement agents sharing intelligence.

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