Cyber Threat Data Feed, ultra fresh intelligence at your fingertips

We are pleased to announce that we have launched the Cyber Threat Intelligence Data Feed which will allow any organization to track the threats that are aligned against it in real-time and to quantify and qualify what attack vectors are being used by malicious attackers.

Cyber Threats have become the most common and serious threats to enterprises. Last year Blueliv discovered and analyzed 2,000,000 crime servers. Attacks are escalating and are precisely targeting clients with frightening efficiency. Through Blueliv’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Data Feed our clients are armed with the ultra-fresh data needed to protect their assets from a diverse of online threats.

Thanks to the Data Feed, companies can make a step change and adopt a more pro-active cyber security stance and inject a dynamic approach to dealing with their cyber threat intelligence requirements.

What intelligence does Blueliv’s Feed provide?

Blueliv’s Feed provides unique intelligence about verified online crime servers conducting malicious activity, bot IPs, malware hashes and hacktivism activities. The Feed is offered as an easy to buy solution that provides high-impact results rapidly. The user can understand attack vectors and potential indicators of compromise (IOC) and in turn deploy rapidly the most relevant mitigation solutions.

The Cyber Threat Feed provides organizations with the volume, velocity and variety of real-time threat intelligence needed in order to allow them take decisive actions based on the intelligence provided and stay ahead of the cyber threat curve.

Clients can employ the data feed to integrate threat intelligence with their own solutions and easily connect intelligence and data into their analytic solution through available plugins such as Splunk, AlienVault and Logstash.

More than just a feed, Blueliv’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Data Feed:

  • Improves the visibility of the upcoming cyber threats with a complete intelligence.
  • Provides detailed information of a comprehensive range of cyber threats giving organizations the power to define tactical and strategic responses and removing their blind spots in their security fabric.
  • Provides access to open, private and proprietary sources.
  • Provides access to the continuously gathered information in real-time, non limited queries.
  • Adds intelligence to security controls.
  • Offers full API access and plugins to integrate the feed with other security systems.
  • Is offered as a monthly subscription service.

Want additional details on Cyber Threat Intelligence Data Feed? Check out the datasheet and ask for a 14-day trial.

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