Affected by P.F. Chang’s Credit Card Data Breach?

Learn how Blueliv minimizes the consequences of Credit Card thefts.

PF Chang’s is a very popular restaurant option for professionals looking to impress their customers with enjoyable Chinese food. Therefore, John at XYZ corporate takes his client there to discuss renewing a services contract that’s about to expire.John uses his corporate card to pay for lunch and the two continue talking over tea.

credit cards2 weeks later an Information Security analyst at XYZ Corp is notified by a Blueliv alert that John’s credit card is being traded on an underground credit card exchange forum. When did the theft take place? Did the waiter steal the CC number or was the POS system at PF Chang’s compromised? Regardless, XYZ Corp was able to take action and report that the CC was compromised before it was used for illegal purchases.

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Dennis Lee

Sales Manager

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