Botnets and C&C Trial: Detect Infections in your Computer and Retrieve Compromised Credentials

Botnets and other malicious software attacks that compromise corporate PCs are increasing at an alarming rate and growing in sophistication. In the first half of the year, Blueliv detected and analyzed more than 10 million stolen credentials and credit cards and is now tracking more than 220,000 live crime servers.

Moreover, once a computer is compromised, it can be remotely commanded to do anything that a human can do on the computer — only faster —, and the damage that can be done by botnets is becoming clear as criminals increasingly use them for financial gain.

Botnets and C&C Trial Analysis

That’s one of the reasons why we invite you to register for our 20-day free trial version of our Botnets and C&C Threat Intelligence solution which will enable you to detect internal and external infections in your computers, retrieve your compromised credentials and protect your business and users from potential damage such as being part of a botnet network, data theft or other cyber threats.


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Additionally, the solution allows you to configure alerts to be informed when a new credential for your email domain is detected; to get detailed information of live global malicious IPs and domains to see which countries are hosting crime servers and the type of malicious activity they are engaged in, as well as to visualize global dashboards about emerging threats such as BotIPs, malware and C&Cs.

Get valuable and actionable real-time intelligence of your email domain now to gain proactive, real-time awareness of crime servers and the ability to track and block them.

  • Non-limited results.
  • Non-limited email domain inquiries.
  • Non-limited credential searches.
  • Unlimited queries about malicious IPs and domains.
  • Alerts configuration for your email domain.
  • Unlimited analytics and reports.
  • Global dashboards and statistics about emerging threats and crime servers.

Let’s get you started on your Cyber Threat Intelligence adventure. Don’t miss the chance to obtain valuable data to protect your business from botnet threats for free. Sign up here.

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