Botconf’15, the botnet fighting conference

As you probably already know if you have been following us on twitter, Blueliv has attended the Botconf this year, the only international conference totally dedicated to the fight against botnets which took place at the Google office in Paris last week.

After the success of the two first editions of Botconf, this third opus lasted three days, once again, with the aim to bring together 250 experts from the five continents, coming from both private and public sector research, international experts, law enforcement and magistrates.

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During these three days, we had the opportunity to attend interesting talks about Botnets. This threat is one of the most prominent manifestations of cyber crime on the Internet to steal personal or confidential data, conduct spam or phishing campaigns as well as denial of service attacks.

For example, on botnets takedown, Margarita Louca from Europol explained how a botnet takedown should be performed, and gave us some good and bad examples of this. Also, John Bambenek, explained in “Takedowns: case studies and what we all could be doing better”, from his own perspective, why some operations fail, and why others are successful.

On malware reversing, there were speaking sessions about investigations on ponmocup and dark comet, among others. Both talks showed an interesting approach on the botnets, proving that a high rate of infections might occur for different reasons. For example, ponmocup makes difficult the reverse engineering with different measures, while darkcomet has a high amount of clients using the service.

As always, the lightning talks proved to be very interesting. For those of you who don’t know, lightning talks are short (3 minute) talks, one after another, were someone briefly introduces a topic or asks for help. This year, about 10 security experts shared their expertise and knowledge, showing concisely very interesting concepts.

Overall, this year Botconf has been very interesting and we encourage all of you to attend next year! In the meanwhile you can stay tuned and check Botconf’s official website to download the presentations.

Ramón Vicens

VP Threat Intelligence

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