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Cybercrime has become a socialized industry, and as such criminals employ community knowledge and resources found on the dark web and deep web to intensify efforts. In 2016, Europol identified some startling trends that demonstrate how sophisticated cyber criminals have become. Here are some top specialties and readily available tools of the trade:

  • Crime-as-a-Service – specialist providers of digital tools and services
  • Ransomware Surge – continues to be a top malware threat
  • Criminal Data Use – gathering and use of illegally collected data to probe potential victims for vulnerabilities
  • Payment Fraud – evolving compromise and theft within the payment card ecosystem
  • Rise of the Darknet – enabling and cloaking of illicit activities
  • Social Engineering – phishing and related infiltration techniques used to gain access and seize control of victim computers

This array of crime is every bit as evolved as the technology used by the companies and individuals seeking to thwart it.


Countering Cybercrime Syndicates

One of the most effective ways a company can protect itself from the onslaught of cyber criminals and their syndicates is to fight fire with fire. Socializing cyber security within the framework of a professional, global community equips frontline Security Analysts with the much wider pool of resources they need to gain an edge.

That’s what the Blueliv’s Threat Exchange Network is all about.

It’s an opportunity for IT professionals to combine intellect, experience, and reach to share information.

The Network exchanges information from differing geographical areas and from differentiated specialty points of view. Members do this by sharing articles and, more importantly, IOCs. The prevention potential of containing outbreaks of malware and other cyber attacks is impressive. In fact, it’s a goldmine for time-strapped IT Analysts.

Oh, and it’s free of charge.

Time is a huge constraint in this field. That’s why a community is such an important component in the battle against cybercrime. To quote one of the great minds in our field, Dan Geer, in his 2014 Keynote Address at Black Hat:

I wish I could tell you that it is still possible for one person to hold a big picture firmly in their mind and to track everything that is going on in our field. … It is not possible. That phase passed some time in the last six years. I’ve certainly tried to keep up, but I would be less than candid if I were to say that I know what is going on in my own country much less 91. … Cybersecurity, as I believe, has surpassed the grasp of any single one of us. The rate of technological change is certainly part of that. When younger people ask my advice on what they should do or study to make a career in cyber security, I can only advise specialization.


Benefits of Blueliv Threat Exchange Network

The number one reason to engage in the Blueliv Threat Exchange Community is to expand your ability to fight cyber crime beyond your own mental and physical capabilities.

It’s an opportunity to tap into a wide-range of like-minded experts. Our purpose in publishing this article is to…

  1. Reach into the cyber security community and attract new people
  2. Create fuller, richer engagement within that community for the mutual benefit of all


Step One: Register

What happens when you register for this free service? You put together a profile. This lets others know things that interest you.

To get started simply click on the yellow link in the top right corner of the home page to bring you to our Threat Exchange Network signup page.


Fill in the fields OR you can register through one of your social media accounts. You’ll be asked which hashtags interest you most [in your specialty].

Once you’ve finished, you can begin exploring through the tools and other resources:

  • You’ll have access to a question posting section
  • Links to articles
  • There’s a URL check field to make sure your URL is not infected


Trending SPARKS Log


As a member of the Exchange, you can follow and log trending SPARKS, which are detected cyber activity notations related to what other professionals are seeing.


Create Your Custom Feed for FREE

Blueliv offers 2 different APIs for free for our members to easily export and integrate relevant data in a standardized format.


1. The Exchange Offers a Real-Time Cyber Threat Map Access and Live Crime Server Activity API


The Blueliv Real-Time Threat Access Map allows you to see at-a-glance actual crime servers that are actively engaged in criminal activity. The Map spotlights the geolocation of threats around the globe in real time.

Beneath the map, a simultaneous feed scrolls with data identifying locations, IP addresses, and the types of threats perpetrators are engaged in. Our Application Program Interface (API) allows you to identify and block threats.

You can integrate the API into your own existing IOC feed using STIX format to detect trending threats early.

Your team can use this data to block possible attacks from infiltrating. The Blueliv API is a premium tool you can access for FREE as part of the community.


2.  Create Your Own Community Feed

The Threat Exchange Network enable users to create their own threat intelligence feed directly from the IOCs shared via the Community using APIs to filter IOCs shared by peers and export them in STIX format.


The Exchange Offers a Malware Sandbox

One of the most helpful features available to the Threat Exchange Network is, of course, the free sandbox. Accessing this testing environment will enable you to isolate code, experiment, and observe it while protecting your servers and your data. It allows members to replicate needed functionality to test samples of malware and reverse them.

A sandbox will give you the ability to test a sample of source code in isolation.


All Specialties Welcome

The intent of this community is to attract the broadest range of specialties and approaches–a hive mind of ethical, super smart people who want to work smarter together, be more effective and save themselves and their companies time and money.

We’re not shy about it. We want to GROW the Threat Exchange Network. Everyone benefits from expanding our group of global specialists in an effort to fight the common enemy–cybercrime.

We’re looking to attract specialists: malware reversers, threat intelligence analysts, incident response specialists, and security engineers from both the public and private sectors.

There are so many outstanding cybersecurity people because the field is very broad.

Sign up and begin taking advantage of the curated content. Read the sparks. Write your own. Start engaging in the discussion and grow your understanding faster than you ever dreamed possible. Cybersecurity professionals work better together.



Dan Geer 2014 Black Hat Keynote:

The service is actually the platform where big league information sharing takes place. It’s where talented new people can receive incremental mentoring with experts in specialized categories.

It’s where people can learn the ‘CANON’ of vital, relevant information in real-time. And, that’s preferably before an attack damages computers and enterprises.

It’s about staying ahead and using IOCs to help identify cyber storms.

Countries affected by WannaCry:

Some News facts:

Europol Crime Industry Trends:

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