Blueliv Invites Soltra Edge Users to Join Free Intelligence Sharing Platform

Blueliv Threat Exchange Network reassured by recent acquisition of Soltra Edge in continued effort to encourage collaboration and intelligence sharing in cyber security industry.

BARCELONA, Spain – Nov. 28, 2016 – PRLog — Blueliv, a leading provider of cyber threat intelligence, today broadcast the availability of the Blueliv Threat Exchange Network, a free intelligence sharing platform supporting the industry standard STIX/TAXII threat feed protocols. The Blueliv Threat Exchange Network provides a free solution that enables users to create their own threat intelligence feed and plug it directly into their existing SIEM or IDS.

Blueliv supports the threat-sharing standards used by the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (FS-ISAC), the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) and other industry ISACs.

Daniel Solis, CEO of Blueliv, commented “Soltra Edge blazed a trail for sharing and understanding cyber threat data at a global industry level; we resonate strongly with this, and want to continue Soltra’s plight to enable the sharing of cyber threat intelligence. We’re reassured by NC4’s recent acquisition of Soltra Edge and believe that collectively, we can continue to enable the wider community to thrive.

The Blueliv Threat Exchange Network offers malware analysts, security researchers, and the Soltra Edge user community an advanced free solution that champions our aim to encourage communication and collaboration across all sectors and amongst the professional cyber security community.”

The Blueliv Community also provides:

  • Automated IOC exporter in STIX and OpenIOC format
  • Access to the Blueliv Cyber Threat Map
  • Full featured API that enables users to automate user experience
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Access to the Blueliv Malware Sandbox. Upload malware samples for detailed analysis and reverse engineering.


For more information or to register, visit:!/discover

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About Blueliv

Blueliv is a leading cyber threat intelligence provider with a world-class in-house Labs team. We scour the web, the deep web and the dark internet to deliver fresh, automated and actionable threat intelligence to organizations across multiple industries to protect their networks from the outside in.

Our scalable cloud-based platform turns global threat data into actionable intelligence, enabling organizations to save time and resource by improving their incident response performance and empowering their Security Operations team with real-time intelligence. Quantify and qualify malicious attack vectors with our plug and play MRTI feed; delivered in STIX/TAXII standard, integration is easy.

In 2015 Blueliv achieved ‘Cool Vendor’ status with Gartner and is a 2016 winner of Go Ignite.

Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, the company is privately held and has received venture capital backing from Telefonica and KIBO Ventures, as well as individual investors.

Press contact

Hannah Tufts

Communications Specialist for Blueliv

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