Blueliv Cyber Threat Map

We are pleased to announce that we have just launched an interactive Cyber Threat Map which shows in real time the geolocation of cybercrime servers that are actively engaged in criminal activity such as credit card theft, credential theft or malware distribution. And anyone can access it via our free API.

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Each of the data points on the map come from verified online crime servers conducting malicious activity. At a glance, the user can see which countries are hosting crime servers and the type of malicious activity they are engaged in, as well as the number of active crime servers.

Every second, our Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform collects and analyzes more than 120,000 pieces of specific data on live cyber crime attempts from hundreds of sources.

Along with the map, the site shows a live crime server dashboard, which allows users to visualize the information filtered by timestamp, IP address, activity type, country, city, description and host.

The main idea is to share real, updated intelligence in a way that’s visual, practical, and dynamic. This is what technology, including our Cyber Threat Map, and our Blueliv Community will help facilitate. We offer our threat intelligence via high-performance, machine-readable API in a standard JSON format.

Visit our Cyber Threat Map and join Blueliv Community to get access to our free API and start blocking connections to servers or analyzing your company navigation logs using a SIEM.

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