Are your IPs infected? Check it now!

We are excited to introduce to you a new IP infection detection tool on our community: you can now look up an IP and see if it belongs to crime servers reported on our Cyber Threat Intelligence platform.

Further information such as the domain, the country where this IP was geolocated, data related to ASN, the first time this crime server was seen and its type is available. This data can help you establish the severity of the incident.

In order to try this new feature, you just have to go to our Cyber Threat Map and introduce the IP you are looking up in the top-right text box of the Map. You can execute the search by clicking the “Search“ button and a new pop-up will appear with the crime servers’ IPs information.


This pop-up will show data related to the last five malicious activities going on in the searched IP, its last geolocation and the total number of malicious activities known to be hosted at the IP.

malicious ip query

As a member of our community, you will have unlimited access to this service, which is otherwise limited to a few queries each day.

We encourage you to join our community and to use this new service as often as you wish for free.

Try it and you will definitely not regret it!

 Irene Zeller

Software Engineer

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