2016 in review: Blueliv’s proudest moments


2016 has been an eventful year in every sense across the globe. Before we take a well-deserved break over the holidays and prepare ourselves for an even busier 2017, let’s take a look back at seven key milestones Blueliv has accomplished this year.

We’d like to wish our customers and partners safe, secure and happy holidays. Here’s to a successful 2017!

Blueliv team expands to >60

This year has marked a significant transition for Blueliv as we evolve from a small start-up to a fully-fledged company with more than 60 colleagues globally. We increased our talent intake rapidly during the second half of 2016 – a sure sign that we’re becoming even more established as a brand but don’t panic, we won’t lose sight of where we came from.

The Blueliv team is a huge part of who we are and therefore what we offer. The personalities behind the brand are unique and give us the energy and drive we need to ensure we continue to succeed in the international cyber security market.

Chasing cybercrime

In summer 2016 the Blueliv Threat Intelligence Research Labs team completed an in-depth technical investigation into the increasingly-prevalent banking Trojan, Vawtrak v2. Producing and publishing the report was a real team effort and something we’re extremely proud of. This analysis includes new information and insights enabling us to piece together a more complete view of Vawtrak malware than we’ve seen before, plus over 4000 IOCs. We believe the report offers real value to the finance sector when it comes to preparing existing security infrastructures to defend against the Trojan.

Behind the malware sits a complex infrastructure involving two cybercriminal groups who have the capability to distribute the Trojan using custom targeting and localization and profit from a paid service operating model; something we are bound to see more of in 2017.

Big wins

It’s been a great year for our virtual mantelpiece. Blueliv was not only recognized as a 2016 winner of GoIgnite, we also secured a spot on the Spain Tech Centre’s Fall 2016 Silicon Valley Immersion program at South Summit, Madrid. Both accolades are catalysts for our expansion in the US and globally. As a result, we’ve identified a number of development, synergy and partnership opportunities with multiple players in the technological world.

Likes and mentions

Blueliv continues to attract media attention, most recently featured by SIC magazine and on SCMagazine.com. We were also mentioned as one of the top 5 start-ups to watch in Barcelona – thanks Global {M}!

Blueliv has also been featured in a number of Gartner reports as a Sample Vendor of Threat Intelligence Platforms (Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Infrastructure Protection), an Example provider of commercial threat intelligence feeds you can acquire and an Example vendor that helps you aggregate threat intelligence (Gartner’s Innovation Insight for Machine-Readable Threat Intelligence 2016 report).

Our diary of public appearances is getting crazier by the day. Don’t miss us at RSA Conference USA in February 2017.

Blueliv Threat Exchange Network

We believe sharing knowledge strengthens our defenses against the ever-evolving cyber threats of today. That´s why we launched the Blueliv Threat Exchange Network earlier this year to enable and encourage researchers and security professionals to share their intelligence. Just like a social network, our community makes it easy to communicate and collaborate on the topics most relevant to you and your organization.

The Community is free to join and continues to grow. Recent updates have been implemented so APIs can now be used to filter IOCs and export them in STIX format, enabling users to create their own threat intelligence feed directly from the IOCs shared via the Community.

Continuous improvement

The Blueliv team is working relentlessly to deliver a top-notch user experience. Each month, we publish a new Blueliv Threat Intelligence Platform release focused on improving performance and automated features to meet increasingly complex demands generated by the fast-evolving cyber threat landscape and sophisticated cybercriminal organizations.

New business

These key achievements and developments have enabled us to expand on a global scale this year and we aim to scale even faster in 2017. You could be a part of our future! Talk to us about becoming a partner or book a short platform demo.



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