Blueliv joins the Cyber Threat Alliance

Blueliv is pleased to confirm it has become a member of the Cyber Threat Alliance. This new membership will allow the company to better build and serve a collaborative ecosystem, which is part of our DNA, and work closely with like-minded members to contribute to the organization’s wider efforts to raise cybersecurity awareness and prowess across the digital ecosystem.

The Cyber Threat Alliance is an independent, non-profit membership group built for cybersecurity providers. The group currently boasts 34 private-sector members, and continues to actively grow its membership to include cybersecurity companies from around the world focused on every element of the ecosystem.

Each member of the Alliance shares the common goal of ensuring a more secure digital ecosystem through collaboration and intelligence sharing, a component that is intrinsic to Blueliv’s philosophy. To become a member, each associate must demonstrate that it generates cyberthreat intelligence of relevant quality and in appropriate volumes that brings value to the ecosystem.

The Cyber Threat Alliance also fosters diverse partnerships with Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs), Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations (ISACs), peer non-profits, and other organizations that are not members but share the same goals.

Blueliv has joined as a contributing member, and in this role will share and receive threat intelligence with other members of the Alliance.  Blueliv will:

  • Share threat intelligence and use it help and support all members
  • Actively engage in the disruption of malicious cyber activity
  • Sit on and contribute to the Algorithm and Intelligence committee

“We’re extremely excited to join the CTA and help contribute to our shared goal of fighting cybercrime, protecting users, and disrupting the malicious activities of threat actors,” commented Victor Acin, Blueliv’s Labs Manager. “We firmly believe that joining forces, and sharing information, with the different players in the cybersecurity field is the only way to truly combat cybercrime.”


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