Reverser – Malware Analyst

Job description

We are looking for a malware reverser specialist, with experience in Trojans and viruses analysis focused on cyber intelligence point of view.

Main responsibilities

  • Take part into the R&D team
  • Perform continuous malware characterization and in-depth analysis in order to determine C&C dropzones, bot-C&C Server communication protocol, cryptographic keys extraction, etc.
  • Develop malware signatures
  • Develop automated malware analysis


  • Advanced Linux/Windows knowledge and Shell scripting
  • Reversing Tools knowledge such as IDA, Olly, GDB.
  • Incident Response Tools knowledge such as LordPE, pstools, wireshark, volatility.
  • Binary packing and unpacking knowledge (either automated and manual skills)
  • Virtualization (Vmware, VirtualBox) and sandboxing
  • Development languages such Python, C++ or Perl
  • Fluency in English
  • Visa for working in the EU required

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Other development languages
  • Demonstrable experience in malware analysis
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