Blueliv listed as a Sample Vendor in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Infrastructure Protection

Threats to enterprise IT continue to maintain a very high level with reports of large-scale breaches almost daily. No single safeguard will protect against all possible attacks, and most enterprises are unable to deploy all possible technology and service defenses.

Enterprises are obligated to counter new threats, primarily with additional technology and service deployments, because incumbent security vendors have been slow to add new features or integrate new products. This puts pressure on security budgets.

Use the Gartner Hype Cycle:

  • For the current state-of-play in enterprise infrastructure protection technologies
  • As a visual guide for assessing the security technology and security service choices that are available to protect enterprises’ IT infrastructure
  • To find out why Gartner gave a Moderate Benefit Rating for Threat Intelligence platforms and suggested that security organizations should consider using them

Blueliv was named ‘Cool Vendor in Communications Service Provider Security’ by Gartner in 2015.

We also featured in the 2016 Gartner research ‘Innovation Insight for Machine-Readable Threat Intelligence’ as an

  • ‘Example provider of commercial threat intelligence feeds you can acquire’ and
  • ‘Example vendor that helps you aggregate threat intelligence’

We are also a ‘Sample Vendor of Threat Intelligence Platforms’ in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Infrastructure Protection 2016.

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