Gartner includes Blueliv in 2016 Innovation Insight for Machine Readable Threat Intelligence Report

MRTI can significantly increase threat visibility and improve the security posture of an organization, by providing better threat context to security technology, processes and people. Learn why Blueliv has been named in Gartner’s Innovation Insight for Machine Readable Threat Intelligence Report.

Security leaders can use the guidance in this research to leverage MRTI to detect, prevent and respond to threats.

View the report to learn about:

  • Enhanced ability to detect a wide range of general and targeted attacks
  • Increased efficiency since less labor needs to be devoted to gathering real-time operational intelligence and then putting it into practice
  • Increased effectiveness: the operational intelligence feed available from MRTI services is typically harvested from multiple sources that may not be accessible to an end-user organization

Blueliv was named ‘Cool Vendor in Communications Service Provider Security’ by Gartner in 2015. In 2016, we featured in Gartner’s research, ‘Innovation Insight for Machine-Readable Threat Intelligence’ as an

  • ‘Example provider of commercial threat intelligence feeds you can acquire,’ and
  • ‘Example vendor that helps you aggregate threat intelligence.’
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