Cyber attacks are getting more sophisticated

Looking into your network is not enough anymore to protect your Infrastructure


Of cyber-attacks that go undetected


Average time to detect a data breach


Average time to contain a data breach

Advanced Acquisition Threat Intelligence Platform

Improve yourIncident Response Performance

Empower yourSecurity Operations Team

Save timeand resources

Look outside your network and detect cyber threats in Real- time.

Targeted Business Threat Intelligence

Scalable automated data acquisition process deliveredin a pane of Glass

Self-service SaaS platform with
targeted & actionable

State of the art research labs.
Discover our latest solutions and tools of our engineers

Easy and Flexible
integration with multiplesecurity vendors

Our customers

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A one-in-all MRTI data feed

Give your SOC team the boost they deserve with real-time targeted intelligence

Bot IP

Crime server

Attacking IP

Tor´s IP

Malware hashes


Track in real-time threats that are aligned against you, and quantify and qualify the attack vectors that malicious attackers are using.
Simply plug the feed into your SIEM and start detecting external threats that the traditional network security solution can´t.

Unique comprehensive
range of Cyber Threat Intelligence

MRTI Feeds in

Easy and direct integration
with multiple security vendors

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Grow your business
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Enhance your capabilities to deliver products that help your customers defend
themselves against rapidly evolving cyber threats and attacks.

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