Cyberattacks are getting more sophisticated

Simply looking inside your network is no longer enough to protect your infrastructure



Cyberattacks that go undetected



Average time to detect a data breach



Average time to contain a data breach

Real-time threat intelligence delivered by Threat Compass.

Accelerating performance through fast threat detection and dynamic response


The broadest threat collection on the market, delivered in real-time


Actionable and trustworthy information for faster decision-making


Timely and dynamic intelligence simplifies the remediation process

Easy-to-use modular solution to counter cyberthreats with the highest efficiency

Proactive Threat Monitoring

Predict, detect and respond to the next cyberattack

Data Breach Protection

Significantly reduce the chances of data breach

Fraud Prevention

Lower the risk of fraud and other criminal activity railed against your organization

Brand Protection

Identify threats targeting your brand, products, services and sales channels

Leading organizations rely on Blueliv

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Close the gap

Complement your portfolio with advanced Threat Intelligence services

More than a platform

Leverage our technology and expertise to provide your own additional services

Zero risk

Obtain results instantly using our frictionless technology

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